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An Introduction to Client-Oriented Real Estate

For those of you interested in learning more about CORE, we’ve put together a short series of tutorial videos that review the fundamentals of the CORE philosophy, explain the simple 3-part CORE formula, and show how that formula applies to (1) Lead Generation, (2) Consultative Presentations, and (3) Client Service.

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Be Great at Your Job!

Joe Rand explains the foundation for Client-Oriented Real Estate — be great at your job.


Stop Thinking Like a Salesperson!

Joe Rand reviews the implications of the sales mentality in the real estate industry, and why agents need to stop thinking of themselves as salespeople.


How to Resist the Commodification of the Real Estate Industry

Joe Rand reviews the consequences of the sales mentality of the real estate industry — specifically, how that mindset commodifies the industry, making clients think that all agents are the same.  And he explains how that mentality is changing as clients gain access to rating and review information that will allow them to distinguish among the competency of real estate agents.


The CORE Three-Part Formula

Joe Rand explains the mindset that agents need to adopt in order to implement Client-Oriented Real Estate: (1) Identify the Need, (2) Create a System to Service the Need, and (3) Execute well.  Joe shows how this is the same formula that all great companies like Apple, Nordstroms, and, yes, Zillow follow.


An Introduction to Service-Oriented Lead Development (SOLD)

Joe Rand critiques the weaknesses in the traditional approach to lead generation, and explains the Service-Oriented Lead Development (SOLD) approach. He specifically reviews the “bottle of wine” philosophy where you don’t show up in any conversation empty-handed, but bring something to the party.


The Consultative Listing Presentation

Joe Rand explains how agents need to stop thinking of the listing appointment as a presentation, but as a consultation — where they are going to build rapport by asking questions and listening to the answers.  That’s how other professionals, whether blue collar or white collar, build relationships with clients.


The CORE Client Service Formula: Communicate, Inform, Execute

Joe Rand reviews how real estate agents can deliver a better service experience by ensuring good communication, and how too many agents make the fundamental mistake of saying “I’m always available to you.”  And Joe explains the value of setting a weekly schedule to talk to your clients, whether your have news or not, and using checklists to ensure strong execution.


 3 Tips for Delivering a Great Client Service Experience

Joe Rand reviews three fundamental tips for delivering a great client service experience: (1) Have a great hello and goodbye, (2) Never argue with a client, and (3) Treat mistakes as opportunities.