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For my WCR People! The Ten Productivity Rules, and the CORE Blockbuster Goal-Keeping Worksheet.

For my WCR People! The Ten Productivity Rules, and the CORE Blockbuster Goal-Keeping Worksheet.

This Friday, I will be giving a couple of talks at the annual Women’s Council of REALTORS conference in DC, both of which come out of the 36-1/2 Rules for CORE Agents that we published here over the past few years.

First, I’m talking about “10 Productivity Rules,” which takes some of the “36-1/2 Rules” that relate to Productivity and bundles them together. For those of you who fall asleep during our early-morning session, here are the ten rules we covered, linked to the post that explains them:

 1.When someone asks you how you’re doing, say “I’m GREAT!”

2.  Important things go on a schedule, not a “to do” list.

3.  Spend five minutes organizing your day, or lose 30 minutes later.

4.  All the stuff you don’t like is why they pay you.

5.  Any plan is better than no plan.

6.  Wednesday is the enemy of all diets.

7.  Buildings Need Blueprints.

8.  Better a Holiday than a “Hollow Day.”

9. Never talk to another real estate agent for more than 5 minutes.

10.  Self-Improvement Plans Only Fail for Two Reasons…

Second, I’m talking about how you can keep the goals you set, by identifying the “blockbusters” that will break through the blocks that keep you from taking the steps to reach your goals.  If you want to read over my explanation of that process, it’s here. And in case you wanted it, here’s a copy of the CORE Goal-Keeping Worksheet that we handed out in the Game Changer session.

Hope you enjoyed the talks!  If you didn’t, or you’re actually reading this right now because you’re bored, then I’m really, really sorry….

But if you did, and you want to show your deep appreciation for my not being totally horrible, then I’d love for you to follow my Facebook business page, which I just started.

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Oh, and if you do use the Worksheet back home, I’d love to hear any feedback you could give me on it…..

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