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“How to Be a Great Real Estate Agent” Slides

My thanks to everyone at REALTOR Triple Play in Atlantic City, who gave me the opportunity this week to teach two credited sessions of “How to Be a Great Real Estate Agent.” I had two very good audiences (albeit relatively small on getaway day Thursday), and had a great time. As promised, here are my…Continue Reading

Stop Thinking Like a Salesperson!

Note: This week, I will be delivering a quick talk at the Connect On the Road Conference in Washington DC on “Stop Thinking Like a Salesperson.”  For people at the conference who want to review the points I made, here is a version of that talk that I wrote for the blog a few years ago.…Continue Reading

Do You Need Two Social Media Profiles? Probably not….

Got into an interesting discussion on a Facebook group last week about this advice from REALTOR magazine suggesting that agents create both personal and professional accounts on social media sites: NAR seems to be suggesting the separation as a safety measure, so that you’re not sharing intimate, personal information with people that you only know through…Continue Reading

Why Agents Should Stop it With the Politics on Facebook

You need to stop it with the politics on Facebook. Yes, you, I’m talking to you. You. Need. To. Stop. With. The. Politics. On. Facebook. Listen, I understand. You’re passionate about Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders, or religious freedom, or Black Lives Matter, or whatever. That’s great. Really. You’re a concerned citizen, and you care.…Continue Reading